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Office and Retail Space for Lease in Longview, Washington

Retail and office tenants occupy three floors of The Merk building. Retail stores occupy the 1st and 2nd floors with office tenants located on the 2nd & 3rd floors. Shoppers find available a variety of gifts, household accessories, antiques, and historic exhibits.

Because of its unique history and popularity, the building operates at near full occupancy with retail and office space becoming available only on occasion. It is recommended that persons interested in leasing space at The Merk contact us for information about our available suites. 

While 3 years is a common leasing period, some leases are negotiated for 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year periods. Cost of tenant improvements, if required, can be paid upon the commencement date of the lease or incorporated into the rent payment. All leases are quoted to include the cost of utilities: electricity, water, sewer, sanitation, and natural gas. Cleaning and maintenance of all common areas are provided at no extra charge to the tenant. Sample leases are available through the Merk Office. Smoke detection system.



Building Amenities


The Columbia River Mercantile Building, referred to as The Merk, was the first commercial structure to be built in downtown Longview. Completed in 1923, the building served as the "company store" and headquarters for the Long-Bell Lumber Company, builder of the planned city and world's largest lumber mill.

Lovingly restored in 1992, The Merk features over 70,000 square feet of building area spread over three floors, and includes:

HVAC system

Public WiFi

Pandora central sound system

Original R. A. Long & Mark Morris suites 301, 302, 303

Spacious public restrooms on each floor, fully ADA accessible

Full capacity electrical & plumbing systems on each floor

15 passenger Otis elevator with glass wall for an outside view

Automated building security system with individual access codes

Exterior restored to 1923 era

Fire Sprinkler system

Smoke detection system

On-street / off-street parking

Seismic walls